EHD Load King

  • 6" to 12" Dia bore holes upto 300mtrs (1000fts).

  • Prime mover from deck engine.

  • Work method DTH method using suitable compressor.


Capacity : 6 1/2" Dia bore hole up to 300mtrs (1000fts).
Prime Mover : Through PTO drive from separate deck engine.
Work Method : Rotation with direct circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by water, air or foam.
Mast : Medium duty channel structure, max capacity - 12tons (25000lbs), height - 9fts, rod handling capacity - 1.5mtrs (5fts).
Pull Up and Pull Down : By means hydraulic cylinder and wire rope, reeving ratio 1:2, max pull up force - 4300kgs, max pull down speed - 17mtrs / min (56fts / min), max pull down force - 2900kgs,max pull down speed - 24mtrs / min (79fts / min).
Hydraulic System : 160kgs / cm2 (2250psi).
Rotary Head : Rotary head is powered by one hydraulic motor, max torque - 165kgs -mtrs (14333 in - lbs), max speed - 0 to 80rpm.
Jacks : Four Hydraulic Jacks.
Water Injection Pump : 36 lpm powered by hydraulic motor.
Compressor : 1100cfm / 300psi.